The UCL Centre for Global Health Economics

Gerard Joseph Abou-Jaoude

Gerard Abou-Jaoude is a research associate at the Centre for Global Health Economics, and joined the UCL Institute for Global Health after completing an MSc in Global Health and Development at University College London. Gerard is currently working as a researcher and project co-ordinator on a World Bank funded allocative efficiency project, which is using the Optima-TB model to optimise national spending on Tuberculosis in Belarus, South Africa and Peru. His research interests include equity, socio-economic determinants of health, allocative efficiency, mental health, and urban health. His Masters dissertation argued for a more nuanced and inter-disciplinary approach to defining trauma, using trans-generational trauma as a case study to critique the current DSM-V and ICD-10 definitions for trauma.


OPTIMA TB: Assesssing the Efficiency of TB Prevention and Care in Belarus, South Africa and Peru.